An OCEAN of colours

Between 13 April and 15 October 2017, the IGA Berlin 2017 is inviting everybody to an eventful and surprising festival of the most beautiful international garden design and green urban lifestyle under the motto ‘an OCEAN of colours’. In more than 5,000 events held over the course of 186 days, everything will be centring on contemporary garden design and landscape architecture, natural experiences, green urban spaces and multifaceted culture on an area of land covering 104 hectares.

The varied 104-hectare IGA grounds in Marzahn-Hellersdorf are divided into five large sections – the Gardens of the World, the Wuhletal Valley and Kienberg Park, incorporating Kienberg Hill and Kienberg Promenade. You can find out more about the individual IGA spaces, the diverse IGA garden design and spectacular IGA structures – from the Wolkenhain and ropeway system to the play areas and international garden collection ­– the IGA campus and all special IGA projects here.

The IGA Berlin 2017 is a source of ideas and inspiration, a place of learning and experimentation, a platform for intercultural dialogue and a laboratory for innovation. Beyond the diverse horticultural exhibitions, the state-owned Grün Berlin GmbH is using the IGA Berlin 2017 to initiate pioneering projects and showcase exhibits on sustainable lifestyles. The IGA Berlin 2017 is one of the city’s most important urban development projects of the decade. You can read more about the background and aims of the IGA Berlin 2017 here.

Event dates

13 April until 15 October 2017

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The IGA Berlin 2017 is a festival celebrating international garden design and green lifestyles in the city.

About the concept of the IGA Berlin 2017
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As the parent company of the IGA Berlin 2017, Grün Berlin GmbH made the subject of sustainability a high priority during the planning and development process.

About the sustainability measures
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A long-term legacy concept has been factored in from the start for the diverse newly built structures and the horticultural grounds that are being newly created for the IGA Berlin 2017.

About the legacy concept for the IGA Berlin 2017
Natural and environmental protection
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Natural and environmental protection measures have been incorporated in the plans for the IGA Berlin 2017 from the beginning.

About the natural and environmental protection measures for the IGA Berlin 2017