The IGA Berlin 2017 is a festival celebrating international garden design and green lifestyles in the city. It is a showcase of contemporary garden and landscape design, a place of learning and experimentation, a platform for intercultural dialogue and a laboratory for innovation. Beyond the diverse horticultural exhibitions, the state-owned Grün Berlin GmbH is using the IGA Berlin 2017 to initiate pioneering projects and showcase exhibits on sustainable lifestyles. Under the motto ‘an OCEAN of colours’ it seizes on the diversity and fascinating contradictions in the city of Berlin, surprises visitors with modern ideas and generates new ideas for contemporary garden exhibitions.

The IGA Berlin 2017 follows the tradition of innovative garden and architectural exhibitions that at once highlight recreational, cultural and living spaces. At the same time, the IGA sees itself as a generator of ideas for urban development in the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf. For the IGA Berlin 2017, new parklands are being created in Marzahn-Hellersdorf as well as a tourist destination with international appeal. As a complete work of art embracing urban and landscape architecture, garden design and the experience of nature, the IGA combines horticultural and architectural landmarks in the ‘Gardens of the World’ and Kienberg Park with the unique nature of the Wuhletal Valley, which is worthy of protection and has been carefully landscaped.

The IGA Berlin 2017 is a platform for intercultural dialogue and encounters – as an eventful and exhilaratingly designed garden festival for all generations. With the IGA campus and the newly built environmental education centre, the IGA focuses on encouraging the playful learning of children and young people and allowing people of all ages to experience nature in an active way.

The IGA Berlin 2017 sees itself as a showcase project for a sustainable planning and development process. Beyond the lifetime of the international garden exhibition, a far-reaching care and development plan will ensure that leisure and recreational activities remain in harmony with natural and environmental protection. The legacy strategy pursues the aim of creating lasting values for the people who live locally. With the IGA, Berlin is presenting itself to international guests as a sustainable, green city that is setting the course for a pleasant urban future in a cosmopolitan and innovative way.

IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH was founded in 2010. The shareholders are the state of Berlin represented by Grün Berlin GmbH and Deutsche Bundesgartenschaugesellschaft mbH (DBG).

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As the parent company of the IGA Berlin 2017, Grün Berlin GmbH made the subject of sustainability a high priority during the planning and development process.

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A long-term legacy concept has been factored in from the start for the diverse newly built structures and the horticultural grounds that are being newly created for the IGA Berlin 2017.

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Natural and environmental protection
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Natural and environmental protection measures have been incorporated in the plans for the IGA Berlin 2017 from the beginning.

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