Site rules and regulations


Dear Visitors,

We warmly welcome you to the IGA Berlin 2017 and thank you for your visit. Everybody should be able to relax and enjoy an unforgettable day in the exhibition grounds. Showing consideration for others and respecting the plants and animals will ensure that everyone has a pleasant stay.

Please therefore pay attention to the following information, with which every park visitor is obliged to comply.

The site rules and regulations apply to the fenced-in exhibition area of the IGA Berlin 2017 and the car parks that have been made available by IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH and identified accordingly.

1. Opening times
Ticket offices: 13.04.2017 (from 1 p.m.) until 15.10.2017: open daily from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Ticket offices in the temporary car park on the L33: 13.04.2017 until 15.10.2017: open daily from 8.30 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Admission is daily from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. Visitors can stay in the park until it starts getting dark. Other arrangements may apply if special events are being held.

You can get the latest information on the opening times of the ticket offices and the exhibition’s infrastructure (gastronomy, cable car, gardeners’ market, service facilities, etc.) by visiting the IGA Berlin 2017 website.

2. Authority to issue orders
The instructions of the police, rescue services, supervisory and ticket office staff and any designated employees must be followed.

3. Purchase and use of tickets
3.1 Visitors may only enter the grounds with a valid ticket. Day tickets entitle visitors to single entry; season ticket holders are entitled to unlimited entry during the operating/opening times. Entry to special one-off events is only possible by buying a separate ticket. You can find out the latest operating/opening times and get details on the special events by visiting the website.

3.2 Please refer to the price list for ticket prices. The conditions for entitlement to concessionary rates are set out in the price list. The price list is displayed at the ticket offices of the IGA Berlin 2017 and can also be viewed online at All prices stated in the price list include VAT.

3.3 Suitable proof of entitlement to concessionary rates must be provided (e.g. a valid disabled person’s pass). Visitors with concessionary tickets must carry corresponding proof of entitlement with them and present it when purchasing the ticket and show it during the entry checks without being requested to do so. If such proof cannot be provided during the entry checks, the ticket will be confiscated and entry will be refused or revoked.

3.4 Reductions through coupons or as part of promotions will be applied at the amount stated when buying tickets at the IGA Berlin 2017 ticket offices only. The redemption of coupons against already reduced tickets or in combination with other coupons is not permitted.

3.5 Tickets or tokens already purchased are nonreturnable. Lost tickets will not be reimbursed. Visitors who have been barred from the grounds are not entitled to a refund.

3.6 The IGA Berlin 2017 will issue a personalised season ticket if at all possible, but also reserves the right to issue a provisional season ticket which must be exchanged for a personalised season ticket at a later date. The IGA Berlin 2017 will take a photo of the holder in order to issue the season ticket. Along with the photo, it will also collect the season ticket holder‘s first name, surname and date of birth as personal data and store this data for the purposes of being able to conduct its business and meet its obligations in this regard.

3.7 The IGA Berlin 2017 reserves the right to validate tickets using barcode scanners. Furthermore, entry checks may involve the use of automatic gates, where visitors scan the barcode on their ticket and pass through the gate once it has been validated.

3.8 Tickets must be kept until visitors leave the grounds and be shown on request.

3.9 Purchased tickets may not be reproduced, copied and/or modified. Tickets that have been forged or manipulated in any other way will be confiscated with no refund. The IGA Berlin 2017 reserves the right to take further legal action, and criminal action in particular, against the user in this regard.

3.10 Allowing other individuals to use personalised season tickets is prohibited. The ticket holder has a duty to prevent the personalised season ticket being used by others.

4. Carrying dangerous objects
It is forbidden to bring weapons and dangerous objects of any kind into the exhibition grounds. The security personnel at the IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH have the right to check individuals and their bags at the entry and exit points to ensure compliance with this rule. Persons who evade such checks will be refused entry to the grounds.

5. Children
Children up to the age of 12 will only be admitted if accompanied by supervising adults. In particular, children must be continually supervised in areas close to the water. Play areas, play equipment and sports equipment are used at your own risk.

6. People with mobility impairments
The use of wheelchairs (including electric vehicles) is permitted for people with mobility impairments and the relevant authorisation. For safety reasons, certain areas of the grounds are not suitable for these kinds of vehicles. Mobility aids can be borrowed in the exhibition grounds insofar as stocks are still available. The staff members at the various locations will be happy to explain the individual conditions associated with borrowing such items. This service is free of charge.

7. Animals
It is forbidden to bring dogs or any other animals into the exhibition grounds. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are exempt from the ban, if the need can be proved by presenting an official certificate. It is forbidden to feed any of the animals on the exhibition grounds.

8. Vehicles and bicycles
Vehicles and bicycles of any kind are not permitted to enter the exhibition grounds. Maintenance, service and emergency vehicles are exempt from this ban. Bicycles can be parked at the stands installed outside the exhibition grounds.

9. Lawns
Visitors can walk, sit, lie and play on shortly mown lawns.

10. Photos and film and TV footage
By entering the IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH grounds, partners and users grant their consent for any photos or film and TV footage in which they appear in the course of the event to be used and distributed for documentary purposes and general public relations activities in the press, on the radio and in other forms of media without any claims being filed in this regard. Photos and film and video footage intended for commercial use require the prior approval of IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH.

11. Other rules; the following in particular is not permitted:

a. Using scooters, balance bikes, in-line skates, Segways, skateboards and similar;
b. Disposing of waste, paper and cigarette stubs anywhere other than in the designated bins;
c. Urinating or defecating anywhere other than in the designated facilities;
d. Walking on areas of the biotope, the water’s edge, embankments, unmown grass areas, wooded areas, perennial and flower displays;
e. Damaging or removing plants or parts thereof and removing plant labels;
f. Lighting fires and barbecues, including those that use gas canisters;
g. Bathing in the ponds and other bodies of water;
h. Staying in the IGA Berlin GmbH buildings or grounds overnight;
i. Holding parades, demonstrations and other forms of political or religious agitation as well as inciting any kind of unrest if they are in conflict with the event being organised in an orderly and controlled manner;
j. Operating any kind of retail or commercial enterprise that involves offering goods, services, advertising brochures or samples;
k. Using speakers, megaphones or any other kind of amplifier;
l. Using radio, TV, communication devices or similar, excluding mobile phones, smartphones and tablets;
m. Producing film and video footage, photos and audio recordings, except for purely private use;
n. Using remote-controlled toys, flying devices (drones), boats, cars or similar;
o. Playing with footballs or basketballs;
p. Spraying graffiti,
q. Consuming drugs, using hookahs and bringing alcoholic drinks into the exhibition grounds;
r. Carrying or using fireworks or firecrackers;
s. Damaging or removing works of art;
t. Smoking in the exhibition halls, covered buildings and forest areas.

12. Special information relating to Kienberg Hill
Due to the number of trees on Kienberg Hill, it is not safe for visitors to stay in this area in strong winds. In order to avoid any danger caused by falling branches or trees, the area will be evacuated and cordoned off in force 6 winds or higher.

13. Liability
13.1 Any claims for compensation filed by visitors will be primarily calculated on the basis of the provisions of the latest version of the legislative act passed by the state of Berlin governing green spaces (Grünanlagengesetz, or GrünanlG) from 24.11.1997. As such, in accordance with § 5 Paragraph 2 of the GrünanlG, public recreational and green spaces and their facilities are used at the individual’s own risk. There is no obligation to provide lighting or clear snow and black ice from the public spaces and paths in the park. IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH is naturally also not liable for facilities or services that lie beyond its sphere of influence. Furthermore, no claims can be made in the event that any of the facilities in the park are out of service. Visitors are liable for any damage they cause.

13.2 IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH shall be liable for all damages resulting from culpable loss of life or injury to body or health (deliberate action and all forms of negligence), from infringement of fundamental contractual obligations (material obligations) and from claims covered by the German law governing liability for faulty products (Produkthaftungsgesetz). In this context, fundamental contractual obligations refer to those obligations necessary for fulfilling and achieving the objective of the contract. Furthermore, IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH shall only be liable for damages arising from a deliberate or grossly negligent breach of obligation by IGA Berlin GmbH, its legal representatives and/or its vicarious agents. In the event of a fundamental breach of contractual obligations, IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH shall only be liable for foreseeable and direct damages typical of the contract, if these have been caused by ordinary negligence, unless it involves claims for damages as set out in the first sentence. The aforementioned limitation to the extent of liability shall also apply to the legal representatives and vicarious agents of IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH.

14. Culpable violations of the site rules or any other provisions set out in German laws may lead to visitors being asked to leave the grounds of the IGA Berlin 2017, a temporary or permanent ban on entering the grounds or exclusion from the event.

15. Separate rules apply to the use of certain areas of the exhibition grounds, e.g. the cable car or bobsleigh run, and these are displayed in the respective locations. Visitors are not entitled to a refund of the IGA Berlin 2017 admission price if it is not possible to use these areas.

Last updated 08.02.2017
IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH