Australia 'Cultivated by Fire'

Cultivated by Fire

The creative power of fire is the focus of “Cultivated by Fire”, the contribution by the Australian firm T.C.L. For millennia, tribes of aboriginal Australians have used fire s a tool for land cultivation. The landscape designers at
T.C.L have employed this cultural technology in the design of their Garden Cabinet. This sophisticated practice known as “Fire Stick Farming” increased fertile growth, providing abundant edibleplants for the indigenous people, as well as grasses for the wildlife they hunted. It was also a tool to manage destructive wild fires. The regions where this technique was and still is practiced form a “mosaic” effect of differently burnt landscapes of varying ages.
T.C. L employs this image of the mosaic in its IGA contribution “Cultivated by Fire” and in abstracted form incorporates the ancient cultural technology of “Fire Stick Farming” as a basis of the design. The installation “Cultivated by Fire” abstracts and distils the practice of “Fire Stick Farming” to create a mosaic garden composed of elements reminiscent of both the burnt and rejuvenated Australian landscape.


Since 1989, Taylor Cullity Lethlean (T.C.L) has undertaken an investigation into the poetic expression of the Australian landscape and contemporary culture. Detailed explorations of context, site and community have informed outcomes and enriched the patterning and detail of T.C.L’s built landscapes. T.C.L realises nationally and internationally impressive, forceful yet minimal works that are attuned to the individual community. This design philosophy has been employed in implementing projects that include urban shore lands and desert trails as well as innercity parks, gardens and playgrounds. The results have garnered multiple awards; “National Arboretum Canberra”, for example, has received prizes that include the “Landscape of the year” honour at the 2014 World Architecture Festival.

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Taylor Cullity Lethlean (T.C.L), Melbourne

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Opening date 13 April 2017 for the IGA Berlin 2017