Alex Hanazaki

The contribution by the Brazilian landscape architect Alex Hanazaki is based on the importance of the four elements of nature – fire, water, air and earth. Although they are essential for human survival, he feels they are
often overlooked. The main idea for this garden is to create a scenic and interactive space with bold lines to stimulate the senses. Corten steel retaining walls create different visual levels while gravel is used for permeable paving. The visitor enters the space with a perspective to an extensive reflecting pool and, through the canopy of two trees, accesses a bridge to the spot where one can see the sculptural stone walls emerging from the reflecting pool. Water fountains within the stone walls provide the visitor a soothing sound. From a certain perspective fire appears on the reflecting pool, creating a unique and poetic effect. Materials and vegetation will be defined accordingly.

Alex Hanazaki Landscape Architects

Alex Hanazaki’s firm, based in São Paulo, is one of the most renowned names in Brazil’s modern landscaping industry. With a degree in architecture and a passion for landscaping, Alex Hanazaki is, above all, an aesthete, who creates his projects with a unique combination of realism and emotionality. He possesses the ability to transform landscapes into stunning sceneries, extracting from nature forms, colours and textures that, in his capable hands, can be translated into modern landscaping. Through proficient compositions he creates minimalist environments with carefully selected details, producing locations whose purist aesthetic and meaning are almost tangible. For Hanazaki, landscaping is an important step to a better quality of life. His biggest challenge so far, however, is designing gardens as if they were works of art. In 2014 Alex Hanazaki became the first Brazilian
landscape architect to receive the prestigious ASLA Professional Award, given by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

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Alex Hanazaki Büro, São Paulo

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