Architectural highlights

From the ‘Wolkenhain’ and modern visitor centre to the floating platform known as ‘Platz am See’ – the IGA Berlin not only features green and blooming attractions. With its wide range of new and artistically ambitious structures created by renowned architects and innovative designers, the IGA is not just a garden show, but also an architectural exhibition.

The new ‘Wolkenhain’ observation platform rises majestically above the treetops on Kienberg Hill. It represents a new landmark in the urban landscape and offers incredible views reaching as far as the centre of the capital city and the surrounding Brandenburg countryside.

With Berlin’s first ropeway system, guests can enjoy spectacular views from a bird’s-eye perspective. The operator and investor is LEITNER AG from South Tyrol. The open-air stage as an arena for up to 5,000 guests, the new visitor centre and the IGA campus with the environmental education centre are also among the architectural highlights at the IGA. Other IGA structures include the tropical hall, the ‘Belvedere’ landscape window, the ‘Wuhlesteg’ walkway for nature explorers and ‘Promenade Aquatica’ water gardens. In addition, four new playgrounds invite young and old IGA guests alike to embark on a special journey into the world of Konrad, the hero of Erich Kästner’s children’s book The 35th of May.

It goes without saying that special attention was paid to natural and environmental protection when designing and building all IGA structures. The structures and designed spaces, which will remain in place even after the IGA has ended, are being created by Grün Berlin GmbH and financed by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises with federal and state funding to the tune of around 49 million euros, as part of the joint task aimed at improving the regional economic structure, and co-financed by the Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection. The Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World) and Kienberg Park enhance the overall concept as lasting tourist attractions.