The new observation platform towers like a cloud over the treetops of Kienberg Hill. The ‘Wolkenhain’ is not just an IGA landmark visible from miles around and one of the high points of the exhibition grounds (in the truest sense of the word) with its impressive views. The structure is also a testament to the skilled art of engineering.

The spectacular construction consists of around 170 steel nodes, which hold the cloud’s strut sections together. The cloud is made of a translucent membrane and sits on slim steel posts, which are arranged irregularly like tree trunks in a copse. At night the cloud is subtly lit from the inside.

The ‘Wolkenhain’ not only affords a sweeping view of the exhibition grounds at a height of 120 metres above sea level. From here visitors can see as far as the television tower in Berlin city centre and on the other side they can see far into the Brandenburg countryside. Stairs can be used to reach the cloud, although a lift is also available for visitors with limited mobility. Those interested in obtaining more detailed information can get this from the visitor service point beneath the observation platform.

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The measures are being financed with federal and state funding as part of the joint task aimed at improving the regional economic structure and co-financed by the Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection.

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