International garden collections

This is where tradition meets contemporary garden design, indigenous meets international and symbolic meets puristic. The extended Gardens of the World, the international garden collection and the diverse garden settings await visitors as the main areas of the themed international gardens.

Building on the concept of the Gardens of the World, a tenth horticultural gem was created – the English Landscape Garden. It is a further addition to the existing nine gardens that have been created since the mid-1990s, starting with the Chinese Garden. They invite guests to embark on a horticultural journey through time, taking them to the Orient, Bali, Japan and Korea. Other features include the Renaissance Garden, the Christian Garden, the Karl Foster Garden and a labyrinth.

The new international garden collection is enhancing the view of the world with a contemporary twist. Renowned landscape architects from nine countries designed their innovative garden visions. On plots each measuring 380 square metres, visitors can admire garden design from the UK, Australia, Lebanon, Thailand, China, Germany, Brazil, Chile and South Africa.

These arrangements are complemented by so-called garden settings. This is where the bee-friendly garden meets the beach setting. In a change of perspective, ‘Move me’ plays with the possibility of permanent change and the idea of urban gardening. Another interesting and practical aspect for garden lovers is the combination of the kitchen garden with the decorative garden.