Konrads Reise playgrounds

The IGA Berlin 2017 is a play area for all generations: three new imaginatively designed playgrounds with activity and movement areas for various age groups have been created in the parklands of the Gardens of the World and Kienberg Park. 

Young and old visitors can embark on an exotic and futuristic journey in the diverse and cross-generational play area. The common element and central theme is the children’s book The 35th of May, or Konrad's Ride to the South Seas by Erich Kästner. In this book Kästner described gardens as fantastical destinations in faraway lands and times with many different extraordinary experiences. This served as a rich source of inspiration for the IGA designers.

Visitors of all ages experience the story from the perspective of the main protagonist, nine-year-old Konrad, and encounter his loyal companion Negro Kaballo at every playground. The acrobatic black circus horse acts as an instantly recognisable guide around the play area and links the different play zones to form a coherent story. Figures and details, such as the whale in the forest, the great white sharks, the giant ants, the automated city of Elektropolis and the corrugated iron equator line the way in the form of unique sculptures, spectacular climbing structures, water features and interactive play elements. 

The water play area known as ‘Konrad reitet in die Südsee’ (Konrad’s Ride to the South Seas) in the extended area of the Gardens of the World, the playground named ‘Konrad bei den polynesischen Riesenameisen’ (Konrad with the Polynesian Giant Ants) on Kienberg Hill below the ‘Wolkenhain’ and the playground entitled ‘Konrad in Elektropolis’ by the main entrance to Kienberg Park are complemented by the nature discovery space on Kienberg Hill. Here the focus is particularly on games that are close to nature – an aspect that Grün Berlin GmbH especially wished to embrace when designing all of the play areas.

There are also new opportunities on Kienberg Hill for all sports enthusiasts: active visitors will find fitness apparatus located at seven different spots along the paths on the hill. The various pieces of equipment complement each other and are in keeping with the latest insights into sport-based health promotion. The already existing path on Kienberg Hill has also been reconditioned, providing direct access to the top for sport-minded individuals.