Promenade Aqua water gardens

On the ‘Promenade Aquatica’, water moves playfully in many different ways – it emerges bubbling from springs and the wind draws delicate patterns on the pond due to the gentle movements on the surface of the water. It plunges from a height of five metres in a spectacular waterfall at the end of the promenade or appears in mist form on the path through a mystical rock landscape made of natural stone.

The meditative character of the water gardens is produced by the calm location in a light grove on the southern edge of the Gardens of the World, embedded between the higher belt of garden to the north and the poplar avenue to the south. Visitors are treated to an ocean of colours and sensory stimuli – courtesy of the floral splendour and diversity of the water plants and the light and shade and various sounds created by the cascades. Many of the areas, some of which are demarcated by hedges, are accessible and provide the opportunity to sit down and spend time listening to it all.