Lebanon 'The Sunken Garden'

Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture

The Lebanese landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic is known for his poetic works. In his own words, his design of a contemporary Lebanese Garden Cabinet for IGA Berlin 2017 is “a green corridor that exudes a calming effect while leading visitors into the intimacy and cosiness of a sunken garden. Almost all elements of a traditional Lebanese garden are present to bring the atmosphere to life: a fish pond, vines creating shade, the sound of water and tantalising scents.”

Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture
Established in 1995 in Broumana (Lebanon), Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture is a small, highly selective firm with a thorough understanding of all design fields and their interdependence. The office offers a full range of design services, including architectural and interior complements. The firm’s expertise extends from private residences and escapist retreats, to the planning and development of boutique hotels, resorts and public urban spaces. Vladimir Djurovic is engaged in the creation of timeless landscapes through its commitment to drawing out the uniqueness of an environment with a simplicity of gesture that gives nature the stage. The firm was honoured with prestigious architectural prizes – such as the Aga Khan Award for Architecture – as well as the International Design Awards and Cityscape Architectural Review Awards.

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Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture, Broumana (Lebanon)

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Opening date 13 April 2017 for the IGA Berlin 2017