Ark park

Dülmen ponies, German Red cattle, Skudde sheep and Coburg Fox sheep – these are all native breeds that are now only seldom seen on meadow pastures in Germany. They can all be found on the grazing areas in the future Ark park at the IGA Berlin 2017. This project has created a refuge for native farm animals threatened with extinction. The only livestock kept in an Ark park (where they are used as natural ‘landscape managers’) are those found on the red list drawn up by the GEH (a German association dedicated to preserving old and endangered farm animal breeds).

The 12 animals live in the open all year round on selected natural areas, in herds separated by breed. The selected horses, cattle and sheep are very resilient and are used to living outdoors all year round from birth. A shelter is available for the winter months. In 2017 solely female animals – Nell, Natascha, Missa, Bonita and Orka – and their calves can be found on the pastures of the Ark park. The plan is to breed members of the same species after the IGA Berlin 2017. The Ark park is part of the long-term legacy concept for the IGA Berlin 2017.

In many areas the grazing has a lasting positive effect on the development of the landscape and environment in the Wuhletal Valley. Bush and tree growth, for example, is naturally reduced and the Wuhletal Valley is kept as open land on a lasting basis.

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