The ‘Horizons’ special exhibition area in the Kienberg terraces addresses the key question of how we wish to live in the future. Aspects of healthy eating, social interaction and sustainable lifestyle are high on the agenda. Which new approaches exist here to promote well-being? What role can ‘green thinking’ play in everyday sustainability measures?

Selected projects with their innovative approaches and proposals will be presented on the upper level of the Kienberg terraces. The exhibition showcases the latest developments in conjunction with partners from the areas of nutrition, urban tech, experimental fields and well-being. It explores the potential relating to the open spaces in the city. They could adopt a pioneering role and be reassessed and replanned against the backdrop of urban technologies. Everybody is talking about ‘smart cities’ in terms of greener and more efficient, social and technologically progressive places.

The exhibition specifically asks the following questions: How do the new approaches actually look in practice and what kind of ideas are there for a new lifestyle? How do they respond to questions relating to scarcity of resources, population growth and more integrative business models in which people play a more active role?