Listening Green

Georg Klein

"Listening Green" by Georg Klein
"Listening Green" by Georg Klein

The "Listening Green" sound installation by Georg Klein plays with our acoustic perception of landscape. Interactive audio trees surprise visitors crossing the ‘Tälchenbrücke’ with unexpected tone sequences. At the end of the bridge, people can then actively listen to the green space using the sound telescope. Those who look through the telescope scan the area for specific (virtual) sounds. An acoustic story develops, which – in the context of the Gardens of the World – addresses our approach to strange life forms in nature.

In his artistic sound installations, Berlin-based media artist and composer Georg Klein condenses visual, acoustic, situational, and political aspects to create a space in which the public is often involved on an interactive or participatory level.

The permanent sound art project "Listening Green" by Georg Klein is the result of an ideas competition organised by Grün Berlin GmbH, IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH, and the Orchestra of Change, founded by musicians of the Staatskapelle. Its realisation is being funded with the support of the Groth Gruppe.

Idea/Concept/Realisation: Georg Klein
Voices: Angela Winkler, Johannes Wilms
Instruments: Markus Bruggaier (Horn), Matthias Glander (Clarinet) Simone Bodoky - van der Velde (Flute), Fabian Schäfer (Oboe) - Staatskapelle Berlin

Programming/Sensoring: Georg Klein, Pascal Staudt
Graphic/SoundTelescope: Steffi Weismann
SoundTelescope/3D/Construction: Viscope (idee concept), Daniel Vogel-Essex (Ozon), Arne Clemens (interzone)
Instrumental recordings: Johannes Seibt (State Opera Berlin)