Los Angeles Garden

Martin Kaltwasser

The "Los Angeles Garden" by Martin Kaltwasser
The "Los Angeles Garden" by Martin Kaltwasser

Situated right next to the "Gärten der Welt" cable car station are the International Garden Cabinets, where the "Los Angeles Garden" by Martin Kaltwasser attracts visitors’ attention almost with an inviting wink. In his artist’s garden, Kaltwasser makes reference to Berlin’s oldest sister city. His design reflects the Californian metropolis and plays with the desires and everyday realities typical of L.A. The ‘Los Angeles Garden’ is a detailed replica of the mini garden island in Bergamot Station car park and its immediate surroundings. There is a lawn enclosed by a fence measuring eight by nine metres with six tall palm trees and two benches – an alibi garden encircled by asphalt and parked vehicles.

Martin Kaltwasser has made Berlin his home and works in the areas of sculpture, design, performance, architecture, and urban research. Public space and its significance in urban cohabitation is an essential source of inspiration for his artistic work.

"Los Angeles Garden" has been realised with funds from the DKLB Foundation. They will remain in the Gardens of the World after the IGA Berlin 2017 has ended.