Not all stories have been told...

Anna Rispoli

The artist Anna Rispoli in the fairy tale forest
The artist Anna Rispoli in the fairy tale forest

In the sculpture and sound installation "Not all stories have been told…" the fairy tale figurines of Berlin-based sculptor Gorch Wenske adopt the role of symbolic witnesses to time. Ever since the Berlin Garden Show opened in Marzahn in 1987, the Swineherd, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty have been attracting generations of visitors. In the run-up to the IGA Berlin 2017, Italian artist Anna Rispoli sent the figurines on a journey around the district for the first time. Inspired by the leitmotifs of the fairy tales, Rispoli asked the residents of Marzahn-Hellersdorf what love, happiness, and work meant to them. Out of the multilayered stories she created a sound installation that adds a contemporary level to the presence of the fairy tale sculptures, bringing the social geography and history of Marzahn-Hellersdorf to life in a playful way.

Anna Rispoli combines art and social developments in her participatory, process-oriented interventions that often involve residents. It is frequently about unearthing a city’s hidden stories, tracing its society and making it visible.

"Not all stories have been told..." has been realised with funds from the DKLB Foundation. They will remain in the Gardens of the World after the IGA Berlin 2017 has ended.