Reflecting Gardens

Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein next to his mirror installation "Reflecting Gardens"
Jeppe Hein next to his mirror installation "Reflecting Gardens"

Located on the meadow in front of the visitor centre on Blumberger Damm, the mirror labyrinth "Reflecting Gardens" invites visitors to play and explore. With his installation, Jeppe Hein draws on the landscape design tradition of the hedge maze. The use of mirrors creates penetrability, yet irritates the perception of the beholder and makes you wonder about your actual location. Inspired by shapes found in nature, the figure of ‘Reflecting Gardens’ has been created by superimposing the outline of three leaves. A labyrinthine path, lined by an increasing number of reflective plates, leads to the centre. It is a place of reflection in both senses of the word, allowing the visitors to rediscover and experience themselves and their surroundings in a playful manner.

The Danish artist Jeppe Hein is internationally renowned for his unusual installations in public space. ‘Reflecting Gardens’, a permanent installation created for the IGA Berlin 2017, is the first publically accessible work by Jeppe Hein in his adopted hometown of Berlin.

"Reflecting Gardens" has been realised with funds from the DKLB Foundation. It will remain in the Gardens of the World after the IGA Berlin 2017 has ended.