Erik Göngrich

As part of his "Subbotnik" project, Erik Göngrich performs artistic walks to explore the grounds around Kienberg Hill redeveloped for the IGA Berlin 2017. The hill itself, formed from building rubble and debris, was planted with flora in East German times as part of so-called "Subbotnik" activities. Derived from the Russian word subbota for Saturday, "Subbotnik" was the term used for unpaid work on Saturdays, as was customary in the former GDR. In group tours with local experts and IGA visitors, Göngrich explores how open spaces in Marzahn-Hellersdorf have changed as a result of the residents’ "Subbotnik" activities.

Erik Göngrich is an artist and architect. In his mainly participatory interventions, he examines the perception and use of public spaces and their transformation potential.


Wednesday, 27 September, 5pm

Thursday, 5 October, 3pm

Friday, 6 October, 3pm

Friday, 13. October, 12 and 3pm

Saturday, 14 October, 12 und 3pm

Meeting point: IGA main entrance "Kienbergpark"

The event is in German.