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Hands-on environmental education to discover and try out – more than 2,500 events for all ages

Learning on the IGA campus is really fun! Grow a beautiful flower from a tiny seed, harvest and process juicy tomatoes directly from the field or observe baby dragonflies under the microscope. All of these activities raise awareness of nature and the environment and help people to act responsibly.

Besides green subjects such as gardeners and plants, biological diversity, healthy eating and exercise, also on the timetable are topical global issues: How does fair trade work? What exactly is ‘sustainability’? Can climate change be halted? In addition to the six campus subjects, there are also events in the areas of ‘art and media’ and ‘green careers’. As such, there is the right age-appropriate event for every learning objective and area of interest.

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11. December 2019 - 17. December 2019

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11. December 2019 - 17. December 2019