Intercultural dialogue

‘Intercultural dialogue’ pavilion

Berlin is a city that has risen to become one of the most popular in the world, above all else due to its cultural diversity and openness. With the ‘Intercultural dialogue’ pavilion in the Gardens of the World, the IGA is also creating a special space for intercultural dialogue and providing a place for encounters between various religious communities and denominations.

The pavilion’s light and airy design and generously sized glass elements invite guests to take a look inside and stay a while.

The ‘Intercultural dialogue’ pavilion is a place of contemplation and communication. It is a meeting place, information point and venue – both the pavilion itself and the programme have been planned and created by Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist communities in Berlin. This open dialogue was established together with the Office for Cultural Affairs at the Senate Chancellery of Berlin and representatives from religious communities and denominations.

The communities share midday prayers, midday meditation, midday contemplation and other traditional daily rituals with IGA visitors. Represented at the IGA are the Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia, the Catholic Archdiocese of Berlin / Franciscan Initiative, the Jewish community of Berlin, Muslim communities in Berlin and Hindu and Buddhist communities in Berlin.

Intercultural dialogue Veranstaltungskalender

E.g., 13.06.2018

13. May 2018 - 19. May 2018

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13. May 2018 - 19. May 2018