Views of a landscape - Art at the IGA Berlin 2017

How does a city change on its outskirts? What influences and changes our perception of the landscape on the border between nature and culture; between the public and private spheres? And how exactly does green sound? The IGA art exhibits provide surprising, inspiring, playful and stimulating answers.

At the invitation of the IGA Berlin 2017, internationally renowned artists and creative people have developed location-specific works within a curated process under the direction of Katja Aßmann. They play with our conventional way of seeing things, tell stories, reflect and challenge. They invite guests visiting the IGA Berlin 2017 to spend time looking and listening closely. The accessible "Reflecting Gardens" by the well-known Danish artist Jeppe Hein (DK),  the artificial "Los Angeles Garden" by Martin Kaltwasser (GER) and artist Gorch Wenske’s fairy tale figures ‘brought to life’ by Anna Rispoli (IT) will all remain as permanent attractions in the Gardens of the World once the exhibition has ended. These three works are being funded by the DKLB Foundation.

There are also temporary artistic interventions that can only be seen during the IGA. One such example is the performance entitled "ASNPIEL" by Seraphina Lenz (GER), which she is producing in conjunction with residents of Marzahn Hellersdorf. Contributions from Erik Göngrich (GER), Jeanne von Heeswijk (NL), Janet Laurence (AU) and Michael Sailstorfer (GER) add to the IGA art experience.

The ZKR – Centre for Art and Public Space Schloss Biesdorf situated not far from the IGA grounds also serves as a reference location for the curated IGA art. The opening exhibition entitled ‘Auftrag Landschaft’ (Landscape Assignment) at the ZKR provides an initial taster of the IGA art projects. It shows the positions of contemporary artists at the IGA Berlin 2017 alongside artists who dealt with the subject of landscape in the GDR.

With "Green Listening" visitors can also expect a special sonic kind of artistic experience on Kienberg Hill. It has been created by the NaturTon Foundation, an initiative launched by musicians from the Staatskapelle Berlin, and Grün Berlin GmbH. The sound artist Georg Klein (GER) won the ideas competition held in 2015 and will be staging the interactive project. This work will also remain in the Gardens of the World once the IGA Berlin 2017 has ended.

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