South Africa 'African Bouquet'


With “African Bouquet”, GREENinc from South Africa interrogated the concept of enclosure and freedom. They explain their approach as following: “Early hominids migrated across the earth from Africa. With their increased ability to control environments they also developed an insatiable need to control their possessions and territory. To possess is to survive, be happy and free. In sharp contradiction, possession often comes at a price, and ironically, this price is freedom. Colonialism, apartheid, slavery, xenophobia, racism, genocide and war all illustrate the need to control our world at the cost of freedom for others.

Even today, geographical boundaries become lines of contention and restriction of freedom. Gaza, Western Sahara at a larger scale, but the fence around a piece of land or a hedge could also be a restriction of freedom.”
In their concept, the landscape designers explored the ability of landscape to transcend boundaries. It is critical in their design that the landscape of the garden cabinet could be viewed from outside the boundary hedge. “This
communication to the outside would entice engagement and closer inspection of the inside”, explains the designer. “The narrow entrance to the cabinet garden allows visitors to enter or exit one at a time. A fragile looking
landscape made of light metal frames lies like a marooned ship on an inclined beach. The hull shape of the structure draws a connection with transportation of possessions and goods between landscapes. Wispy dune grasses grow through rusted metal frame and tells a story long forgotten. (…) Spun copper pots are suspended in the metal lattice structure and represent vessels containing precious gifts from Africa. Giving, sharing and transcending boundaries. The gift is a bouquet of flowers of annual and perennial plant species native to Africa – an “African Bouquet.”


Founded in 1995 by partners Anton Comrie and Stuart Glen, GREENinc is an award winning landscape architecture firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is renowned for contemporary design over a wide range of scales, typologies and contexts in South Africa and abroad. Whether it is dealing with culturally-loaded heritage sites or functionally driven urban environments, the practice – often in collaboration with other professionals – is dedicated to the unique resolution of every project through research and experimentation. GREENinc counts many of the country’s foremost companies among its clients. More recently, the practice has been undertaking more public and institutional work, often in urban environments as with the Braamfontein Regeneration Project and Rosebank open green space framework. For projects such as the Freedom Park in Pretoria, the office has been awarded by the Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa and during the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona (special mention).

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GREENinc Landscape Architecture, Johannesburg/Südafrik

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