Thailand 'Garden of the Mind'

P Landscape (PLA)

The Garden of the Mind, the contribution by the landscape architecture firm PLA, combines tradition and vigour and reflects the contemporary sense of life in Thailand. Its formal language is inspired by the geological processes that created the islands in the south of Thailand and the landscape there. These are monuments to time and place. They are a product of a process that has left no two alike – they are individuals. For PLA, the collection of these individuals represents society and the way in which individuals rely upon – and identify with – each other. With their Garden Cabinet they would like to encourage visitors to reflect upon ideas of the self, time, and the nature of beauty in the abstract. The designers describe the garden in their own words: “The entrance to the garden space is designed as an abstraction of the estuarine landscape where land meets water and winding rivers feed into the openness of the sea. A serpentine path weaves its way through the garden beds and seemingly disappears behind a wall of hedges. Here, the first of the islands stands to mark this gateway into the world beyond where lies the Garden of the Mind, a representation of a surreal landscape with its own rules of space and reality. The shimmering monuments are a miniaturised interpretation of the islands; they rest within a still, dark, mirrored surface. The placement of reflective surfaces on the ground and walls as well as a play with illusions of scale and distance create an endless horizon of islands. In the reflections, visitors will see themselves
and others embraced by the monuments and immersed in this poetic landscape.”

P Landscape (PLA)

P Landscape (PLA) is a landscape design practice based in Bangkok, Thailand. Having begun in 1997 as a boutique design studio, PLA is now a flourishing company with more than 90 employees in the fields of landscape architecture, design, horticulture and art. PLA specializes in high-end resort, hotel, and residential projects, both in the Southeast Asian region and internationally. PLA believes that landscape architecture is an art that
goes beyond the physical and functional aspects of a site. It integrates creativity, culture and local heritage while enhancing the site’s existing environment and ecology. Landscape is the medium and forum by which
people connect to nature. The aim of PLA is to help transform the visions of our clients into memorable designs that are refined, economically sound, sustainability-oriented and capture the essence of the site.

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P Landscape (PLA) (Thailand), Bangkok

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