Horticultural highlights

Garden and flower fans, nature explorers, urban farmers, hobby gardeners and design professionals will find a world of inspiration, surprises, recreation and relaxation at the IGA Berlin. A dazzling floral display has been created on the IGA grounds; an OCEAN of colours: the IGA’s horticultural art embraces a whole host of styles ranging from garden classics to innovative design ideas by renowned landscape architects from all over the world.

The exhibitions in the flower hall, tropical hall and numerous outdoor displays show the rich diversity of current landscape design. Perennials and annuals each flourish on an area covering 1,900 square metres, for example, along with the grass belt.  Miniature, shrub, rambling and hybrid tea roses are brought together to form a unique composition in the rose garden. The innovation area showcases the latest plant creations and developments in the area of bedding and potted plants. Classics like the dahlia garden, the rhododendron grove and the section focusing on grave design and monuments enrich the variety on display in the garden exhibition. ‘Stone sculpture’ and ‘cloud formation’ arrangements can also be seen.

The woody plant collection in the immediate vicinity of the flower hall brings together fruit trees and blooming shrubs such as hydrangeas, hibiscus and clematis with their varying floral displays. The ‘Märkischer Garden’ is a horticultural greeting from the companies affiliated to the Berlin-Brandenburg Gardening Association. It features flora typical of Brandenburg’s natural and cultural landscape. The gardeners’ market with its regional produce is also located nearby.